FIT  Coach Tony Estes

Coach Tony Estes is well known throughout the Topeka, Lawrence, and Manhattan regional communities as a top Masters, and Grand Masters class distance runner, having earned many overall, age group, Masters, and Senior Masters Division awards while competing in hundreds of distance events throughout the US and UK for over two decades.  He is also well known as a strength and conditioning coach for a local high school track and cross country program for twenty five seasons.

To date, he has completed 18 marathons (all Boston Qualifiers) including running in the 100th, 104th, and 112th Boston Marathon in 1996, 2000, and 2008.  He is listed multiple times in the Kansas State Road Racing Honor Roll at distances of 5K, 4 Mile, 8K, 10K, 10 Mile, Half Marathon, and Marathon; having run honor roll qualifiers at all distances and has been the Kansas 10 Mile Record Holder for his age group.


He is cofounder and was Co-Director of the Topeka Organ Donor Memorial Run For Life during it's first ten years, and is also the founder and Race Director of the Miracle on Kansas Avenue Rescue Run; assisting and motivating many area runners and walkers in beginning a fitness program or in taking their existing program to the next level, while providing an exemplary forum for their participation.

As a Personal Trainer certified by the Interactive Fitness Trainers of America Coach Estes will share his knowledge and experience with you by developing a personalized individual training program, that will guide a beginner on the right road of healthy, beneficial exercise, and redirect a veteran to achieve new levels of success never before realized.

FIT Testimonials

My lower back was killing me after having had knee replacement surgery some months earlier. Tony came to my rescue, recommending a training program just for me and working one-on-one with me to strengthen my core muscles.  I have noticed a significant increase in my overall fitness and well-being.”    Oscar, Age 91


"After doing a hit and miss exercise program, I signed up with Tony Estes.  I now wake up with more energy and all my muscles are stronger.  I can open jars again, I climb stairs more easily, and my waist is going down - two more notches.  This is making a big difference!"    Marie, Age 83


“I was intimidated about beginning a fitness program until I began working with Tony. He has developed a program that fits my needs along with my busy schedule, and I enjoy working out. His professional guidance and support has helped me make my fitness a priority...I feel better, look better, and best of all; I have more energy.”     Billie,  Age 52


“Although exercise is essential, it’s often overlooked, and I’m guilty of such due to my busy lifestyle. Tony designed a plan that works for me.  It’s been great working with him and I’m seeing results.  He always encourages me to take it to the next level, especially when I’m not sure that I can.  His motivation is awesome!”     Melissa,  Age 32


"I needed to get in the best shape possible in a matter of two months in order to be ready for the Minor League baseball season.  I did that with Tony's knowledge and professional approach to fitness.  I especially appreciated the time he put into creatively thinking of different exercises that would allow me the greatest opportunity to improve my performance on the field.  He's an outstanding trainer and individual!"     Ryan,  Age 23


"I was searching for a way to avoid getting injured through the cross country season when I found out about Tony. When he started working with me I realized that I was gaining so much more than I had expected. Not only did I learn ways to help prevent injuries, I also improved my performance. If anyone needs help with their running performance they should visit Tony and I'm sure that they will find what they're looking for." Ryan, Age 17


"Right from the start, Tony picked up and knew exactly what I was doing wrong with my running and started correcting it immediately.  Tony had me do specific training to help strengthen and stretch my muscles that I didn't even know I had.  He got in and helped me when I didn't know what to do and he had me do things at home that I didn't think I could do that helped a whole lot in increasing my speed.  All together I don’t think that I would have gotten to where I am now without Tony."    Jordan, Age 14

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